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Our treasures refer to over 200,000 artworks and artefacts in our National Collection which represent the diverse cultural heritage of Singapore and countries with historical and cultural links to Singapore. These artworks and artefacts are currently under the care of the Heritage Conservation Centre and its team of professional conservators.

Our treasures also include the museums and heritage institutions which house and display these artworks and artefacts. Through the use of artworks and artefacts, combined with compelling storytelling and programmes, our museums and heritage institutions are important spaces where Singaporeans can come together to learn more about Singapore’s history.

Under Our SG Heritage Plan, more efforts will be expended to safeguard our “buried treasures”, make our museums and their collections more accessible to Singaporeans, develop exhibitions and programmes that will reach out to underserved communities and transform our museums into welcoming and inclusive spaces for all Singaporeans.

Our museums and our collections are important because they tell the Singapore Story and highlight our links to the region and to the world. They serve as repositories of our heritage and as legacies we leave behind for future generations. It is our hope that Singaporeans will continue to support our museums and programmes, and contribute to our collection as well as its care.


What will our SG Heritage Plan do? 

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Make Museums More Accessible

We will review the accessibility of our facilities and the content of our exhibitions and programmes to transform our museums and heritage institutions into inclusive social spaces. In addition, we will continue to digitise our collections and content, and use technology to increase access, facilitate learning and deliver more immersive visitor experiences.

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Develop & Present More Singapore Content

We will focus on presenting more “curated-by-Singapore” exhibitions to showcase our stories, our collection and our Singaporean curators. These exhibitions will also be told from a Singaporean’s perspective, through a Singaporean voice and feature personal artefacts and accounts from Singaporeans. We will also honour Singapore’s founding fathers and commemorate significant milestone periods in Singapore’s history through initiatives such as the Founders’ Memorial and the Singapore Bicentennial celebrations.

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Build & Care for the National Collection

We will continue to acquire artefacts for the National Collection and encourage donations to it. Researchers interested in studying the collection will be supported so as to foster a vibrant research culture. We will also strengthen our conservation expertise in Southeast Asian materials and tropical climates, and explore ways of introducing sustainable storage for and increasing access to the National Collection.

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Safeguard Archaeological Heritage

We will collaborate with organisations such as the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and the National University of Singapore to establish an archaeological framework. The goal is to introduce legislation to safeguard our archaeological heritage and regulate archaeological excavations in Singapore. We will also conduct a nationwide survey to identify sites of archaeological interest and develop the necessary archaeological capabilities.

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Nurture Interest in Our Young

We will continue to strengthen our partnership with the Ministry of Education to include our museum collections and heritage content into the school curriculum, facilitate structured visits for school cohorts and co-develop learning resources for teachers and students visiting our museums. In addition, we will continue to develop and roll-out signature programmes such as Singapore’s Little Treasures and the Heritage Explorers programme to schools across the island.